Kristi “Boss Lady”

Kristi 4 done

Kristi “Boss Lady”

Kristi received her education from Paul Mitchell and has received further training from Rusk, TiGi, Keune, Kevin Murphy and American Crew. She specializes in advanced hair-cutting with a special emphasis on shorter styles and men’s barbering.

When Kristi isn’t behind the chair, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, gardening and doing crafty type things.

2 thoughts on “Kristi “Boss Lady”

  1. Nancy Salvadori says:

    Kristi: are you sure you can’t take on a new customer? My husband doesn’t want me driving to Nampa to get my hair colored and cut. Please email or call 208-989-8741. Thank you, Nancy Salvadori

    • Red Bettys Hair House says:

      Nancy, I’m happy to take you as a client. I tried to email you but it looks as though your contact information has been deleted from our system. I tried to call you, it your voice mail box is full. Please call me at (208)344-4845 and I’ll get you booked!

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