Here’s a sample of hair service prices… These prices can vary depending on your own hair length, thickness and desired result, but this aught to give you a general idea!


Daddios- $3o-$4o    |    Dames (includes blowout style) – $5o-65    |    Youngins- $3o+    |    Seniors- $35-$45


Guys- $65+    |    Gals- $9o+


Guys- $65+    |    Gals- $8o+


Thermal: $2o+    |    Editorial/Updo: $45+    |    Kiddos: $2o+


Consultation Required    |    Hair Priced Separately    |    Initial Installation: $2oo+    |    Reset: $65-$75/hour

Hair Removal:

Eyebrow Wax: $15+    |    Lip Wax: $1o-$2o    |    Nostrils: $1o+

Red Betty has your look in check. Prices can vary between each provider and this is not a complete list of services. Please CLICK HERE to be taken to our complete service menu and pricing page. Keep it classy, Boise!

Didn’t see what you were looking for? Contact us!

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